Friday, July 08, 2005

racism and why i have tv

this is what i gained from watching tv this morning: londoners are awesome. they are resilient. they bounced back and picked up the pace again... this has happened to them before, they expected it. unlike us americans who think we are invincible, londoners understand that things like this are going to happen.

rudy giuliani is amazing. ironically he was in london yesterday. his advice: "don't let the terrorists affect you psychologically, the best way to fight them is to go on with life. go to london. show your support for their city". RG for president '08!

testimonial from a london subway passenger: "it was just a normal tube ride. [after the bomb went off] reality left you" but unfortunetely this IS a reality for everyone in the middle east, where 8 suicide bombers attack in one week. testimonial of a baghdad man: "this happens to us everyday, now everyone is watching london. but when it is our blood and our bodies no one cares".

i couldn't agree more. though doesn't that make us racists? even when it was madrid and paris we weren't taken aback in the same way as we were after yesterday's attacks. but when it is the english speakers (when it is our nation of secession)... that is when our heads turn. i am trying to figure out why that is, and why i am guilty of that same injustice. iraqis are people too, and i know the war is supposedly to "help" them... (did they ask? i forget...) but why are we numbed to their monotony of tragedy?


Blogger Breadwild said...

Those are not *racist* sentiments, but xenophobic at worst and just selfish at best. A racist comment would be, "this should only happen to towelheads," or seeing a person of middle-eastern descent and wondering if they are a terrorist.

And you don't need a TV to learn any of this. The Web, magazines and newspapers will do just find.

9:39 AM  
Blogger .sc. said...

xe·no·pho·bic : being unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin (

i stand corrected. and i will still watch tv. i would not have had these thoughts if i had not had gotten up early, made breakfast and clicked on the TV and surfed all the news channels- you might be able to get that stuff from magazines, etc but not as quickly and thoroghly as i got it over a bowl of oatmeal.

i will still go to and read my boston sunday globe as well. it's good to be well-rounded these days

9:55 AM  
Blogger spodra said...

The difference is that when suicide bombers attack in the middle east, they are attacking their "own" people. It is internal. For example, Oklahoma City was internal, and although a tragedy, didn't get the attention of the rest of the world either. And a second reason would be that bombs going off in "western" or even "eatern" nations in a not a normal everyday thing. I'm not saying that it should be a normal occurance in the middle east either, just that is causes desensitization. Terrorists are idiots and just don't get it. Lastly, London is not more resilient, they said this morning that they wern't expecting it, and i'm sure life isn't back to normal for the friends and families of those injured or killed.

11:26 AM  
Blogger .sc. said...

they weren't necessarily expecting this particular attack, but they were prepared for it in the sense that bombings have happened before (though they were IRA and not civilian attacks), and their emergency crews were exceptionally trained for this type of situation.

i am not saying they are totally healed of the situation, and i am not saying it isn't terribly tragic, i am just saying that their response is impressive DESPITE the emotional impact this will have.

2:44 PM  

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