Friday, September 02, 2005


"in light of recent tragedies..." i hate to sound cold or cruel, but i am angered by this whole katrina thing. yes, it is plausible that "this is our tsunami", but we americans were warned, people were given ample opportunity to leave a city that was warned of a 20 ft storm surge. the only real tragedy here is the loss of those who were powerless to evacuate, and the loss of cities and communites. the loss of homes and lives of those who weren't deserving of it.

i can't help but feel outraged at those who refused to leave, that are now mutinizing against their rescuers, who begrudge their long-awaited help and who pillage goods. what a surreal state of mind to be in, but come on, you were never invincible to begin with, so why did you stay and try to beat the odds?

the only people i truly pity are those such as the elderly woman- left dead in her wheelchair, pushed up against the wall with a blanket over her. that is tragedy.


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