Thursday, July 07, 2005

london underground

the universe moves in traffic patterns, until a pattern is interrupted by casualty and the world stops to remember what's really going on here. the tragedy in london today halted all transportation in the city, ended lives and gave pause to a watching world.

we cycle, we are a monotonous, we move with subway trains and work schedules through the grind of the system. we can blame that system for making us forget what is important, why we are here. it takes death and tragedy on a noticeable scale to stop that system. but only for a short time until we are cycled back into an alternate reality.

what gets me the most is that this wasn't an attack on "the system", or "the man", or even heads of state. it was on working class londoners in a city prepared to host the next olympic games, a city who is vying to help poverty in africa. it doesn't make sense... and it's not supposed to. to understand the minds of those who can do this would be an experience in a truly deranged state of being.


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