Monday, July 11, 2005

nobody knows noses

memory is a very perplexing phenomenon (more on that and t.s. eliot later in life...) one thing i cannot reason is how we remember smells. there is no storage of impirical data for a smell. sight makes sense- images seem to stay so well in your mind, sounds and music have a large chunk of the brain reserved, touch is stored in the finger tips and taste in the tongue. but the inside of your nose just doesn't seem like a legitimate means to hold a record of smells. such as... the inside of a car when it's pouring rain, skin after smimming in a pool, cookies in the oven, a campfire...

one thought is that smell is usually connected to the other senses- you see, touch and taste food, you can see the ocean, feel the sand between your toes and breathe the salty air. next 2 thoughts... 1. gasoline is something that you do not taste or touch (let's hope) or even really see- but the smell of a gas station is unforgettable 2. what about blind or deaf people? is their sense of smell is more accute because they are not distracted by sights or sounds? or because they can't rely on sight or sound, does their ability to smell suffer? my final conclusion.... i picked the wrong science project to do in 8th grade.


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