Thursday, October 27, 2005

voodoo lady

"i was thirsty for everything
but water wasn't my style
guess we might have to teach me something
guess we might have to show me how"

it's a tricky thing, realizing your plans might fail. that where you are might not be a beginning but an end. when you stop asking "where am i going?" and start to wonder "where am i and what am i doing here?".

sometimes the required change isn't in the scenery itself but the eyes that view it. this, my friends, is the hardest battle to face. it's easy to pick up and go- to run- to be free and up against new things. but the scariest scenario is standing still and facing your current position in life, the things you have come to know the best, but now are your worst enemy.

"relax and let your ears hear this beautiful song
that's hidin' underneath the sound"


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