Friday, September 23, 2005



where the dance is— the still point
where God reveals himself
as he does through music:

:: te deum ::

and it fills you. laying on the cold concrete of a cathedral floor.

who knew you'd go back in time: the place you could never find, to get outside of the here and now. but somehow there exists the overwhelming gift of peace amidst the forgotten joys of life and the ever-strain of never-ending days towards.. where?

and that, we do not know. but can only hope an answer is near, as in prayer we commit to surrender and possession of all to the one on High: Almighty God. He who is often forgotten to be glorious. astouding.

we are reminded by the Estonian choir... Arvo, we thank your dedication to the most beautiful piece of written music: Te Deum. God-breathed, as Scripture— but equally timeless and resonant and all things beyond human comprehension. This music is a portal to God.


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