Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the end is near

friday afternoon i was ready to call it quits and stand on the street corner holding my cardboard sign reading "the end is near" and hoping my friends would be kind enough to supply me with booze in paper bags. after paying $3.19 per gallon for gas (i know it's worse elsewhere) and sitting in weekend traffic, the scenes of chaos and catastrophe from the news flashing though my mind, this seemed like the best option.

then i realized something sad but true: it's going to get worse before it all goes down. and we have no idea the potential of natural disasters. tropical storms and tsunamis are just the beginning. erosion will eventually swallow cape cod and the islands, a mega-tsunami will destroy the entire eastern seaboard, a huge earthquake will drop california into the pacific, the midwest will touch the ocean, terrorists will take over, and i'll move to canada and wait for the dawn of the second ice age to come.

by then gas will probably cost like $10 per gallon.


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