Sunday, August 14, 2005

august & thunderstorms

august is the kairos month. time suspends: the days are hot and muggy, and this pause breeds idle inspiration. life is like molasses, whatever is moving is sluggish and daunting.

i feel as though i am on the verge of something big. like a bright sunny afternoon when the earth is dry and cracked, and almost instantly dark clouds appear on the western horizon and the thick smell of rain hints at the promise of a watered earth. you know something big is about to happen- the sky is black and the edge of the clouds glow pink and orange with the last of the swallowed sun. this is my moment. now. something is coming- a much needed something. a very much unknown something. i wish i had clouds or a scent to clue me in.


Blogger Michael Zagami said...

sounds like you need a muse or something

8:41 AM  

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