Monday, July 18, 2005

loaves and fishes

IAD: Dulles (dullest) Int'l Airport circa... 10:49 p.m. last night (26 min after my flight was supposed to have taken off):

situation: ground stop. no one is coming in or leaving. all places to eat or drink have been gated off, except for McDonald's. having been at the airport since 6:30 and not eaten, and knowing that i have a potentially long night ahead, i wait in line for 20 min, chatting with flight attendants headed to denver. i reach the front, order my food, and hand the cashier my VISA... well, apparently there is ONE mcd's left in the whole modern world which does not accept this traditional form of payment. having no cash and no money in my bank account, i walk away hungry and dejected. before i get very far, i hear "hey! hey you!" i turn to see one of the gentleman flight attendants i had been talking to fishing in his wallet, "i got cash!" embarrassed, I thanked him but declined, but he insisted, "you don't wait that long for nothin!" very humbled, i accept his $2, and the next thing i know the guy on my left is thrusting ones at me! now moritfied, i try to refuse but i am outdone. the woman next to me reminds me to pay it forward, and the voice of the generous flight attendant behind me says, "it's all about the loaves and the fishes". shocked and ever so pleased, i turn and affirm that he is absolutely right.

what a powerful reminder of the true meaning of the common parable of feeding the 5000: God will, indeed, provide... sometimes in very small, very miraculous ways. i thank the man again, and he gives me a big hug! best tasting quarter pounder i ever had... i smile all the way back to my gate, and in this moment nothing can get me down.

faith in humanity restored.


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