Monday, August 22, 2005


maybe dali was right in his depictions of a withered and puzzling world.

all is surreal. the strange moments i encounter are multiplying. in surreal lighting, the visibility of light rays in the fog, the idea of all kinds of waves rolling through the air: radio, tv, micro, cell phones... heavy traffic on the highway at night, seeing something the wrong way and being totally bewildered until your brain and your eyes sync and all makes sense again.

dreams are killer. when dreams start to mesh with a waking surreality: it's dangerous. so powerful and outrageous that even if you can actually piece together what was real and what was a dream, that what you remember is so odd and awesome that you can't stop thinking about it.

lately i have been feeling that the most realistic situations and scenes are the most surreal. i'm not even on drugs it's just a weird phenomena. or a weird mood. or i have just been seeing a lot a weird things recently.


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