Wednesday, September 07, 2005

me and a bass guitar

love the bass guitar. i feel as thought i have a special connection with bass guitars and bass players. i have always had a strange yet consistent attraction to them.

i went through a phase in h.s. where i learned to play guitar, and some random goth girl let me take home her bass to try out. that was cool. i gave it up shortly after.

most people forget the importance of the bass guitar. a song without a bass line sounds like marbles rolling around in a metal box.

a base line somehow completes, gives rhythm and a reason to move... solidifies depth... saturates

favorite baselines i have come across so far:

1. tori amos: to venus and back: juarez ... but also pretty much that whole album has kick ass bass action
2. our lady peace: happiness is... : thief
3. anything paul mcartney touched b/c he was pretty much the best bass player ever if you think about it
4. caspian: loft

please inform me of any others i have forgotten or have yet to hear. i am eager.


Blogger spodra said...

what about Radio Head: national Anthem?

1:12 PM  

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