Monday, August 14, 2006

ode to lunching in a small town

after an unusually tumultuous lunch today, i decided this lifestyle of venturing into a world of a small town everyday deserves tribute.

used to seeking solitude, this was a day for being bold and I seated myself right in the center of everything: the post office, the banks, the boutiques, and an exceptionally noisy parade of large utility trucks, soccer moms piloting vehicles of rivaled size, and balding men in Lexuses (which- pahleez- if it where an aston martin -or had more hair- i might be remotely impressed with this deliberate peacocking).

I made this brave attempt at an intellectually stimulating, low-calorie, public performance on perhaps the windiest day of the year. so what really happened was a wasted effort of appearing apprised of current events as i spent a divided effort between trying to read my newspaper- which would have served better amast- and making a similarly embarassing attempt to carefully consume my veggie wrap- which ended in a disatrous explosion of red peppers and onions into my lap of crumpled newsprint.

Next time I shall forego the triumph in bravery and settle for the quiet greenery of the park, where the creepy old man will watch my calculated slices into a tomato and mozzarella salad and so rudely intrude on the delight to my taste buds with his wheezy puffs on a cheap smelling cigarette. park benches are lonely islands which offer no privacy- only observed solitude.

perhaps in public we are more apt to disappear into the choas as we pen our thoughts- a parade of tumultuous words- under the shade of a shared tree.


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