Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the day after rain

historical. paramount. aggravation at it's best. worst. whatever you want to call it and a day after rain i cried. for the first time since godknowswhen. but it all revolved around traffic and politics and dyslexia. which, thank god, i don't officially have the diagnosis. otherwise the goings on of the day would have proved inexcusable. instead, they were minorly offensive + coming to the realization that i have a political fight to uphold + waiting on the onramp to the highway for 20 minutes = tears.

i am being somewhat vague (which should come as a shock) but each small frustration of the day surmounted to a tense jaw and a release of salty tears of which i have not had in ages. what a weird phenomenon. crying. so humbling and so relaxing and so pathetic but so needed. you're covering your face from the car next to you but you're embracing the emotional undertones of the music on your stereo and you let go. it's letting go and admitting defeat to a world of stresses. a world flooded with them in this case. literally. it's a chaotic nightmare- imagine a category 4 hurricane. done for. does god have a message for new england this time? i am sure he does but i didnt think he'd even try to get it across. people here have their heads where the sun dont shine. good luck getting anything through except stock prices and mercedes models.

enough on that. the day warranted wine and obscessive blogging. i brace myself for what lies ahead.

tomorrow's forecast: thunderstorms.


Blogger glen said...

I've realized that God is speaking to us everyday. The storms are not to tell us something but rather to remind us to stop & listen to what's already being communicated.

PS nice picture! where did you ever find that? ;)

10:56 AM  

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