Sunday, April 23, 2006

the texture of the sky

today the sky was eerily gray and textured, which i found to be somehow beautiful. as i drove north on I-93, where they are doing many road repairs, i approached the rough, grooved pavement. the roar of the vibration shook me to the realization that the texture of the sky could best be described as that of grooved pavement. between the two surfaces of earth and sky i felt i was moving along two parallel universes. like music and memory– two very separate entities with their own purposes– but together achieving a synergistic value that totally obliterates the need for drug use. the power of memory and dreams and the confusion of reality with the unconscious mind is a trip in itself that cannot be replicated by any other means.

so i crawled out from under my blanket of grooved stratosphere into the comfort of a home that is not mine, put on my new favorite song and indulged in favorite foods. it is raining now and the wet streets do not beckon. i am alive and it is the simple moments that are the most perfect reminder of that.


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