Thursday, April 13, 2006

mercurial emotions: on the rise

i finally am reconnecting with that which has been somehow absent and evasive: emotion. I have experienced frustration, exhaustion, confusion, and anxiety. These should fall under a new category that is yet to be named, but should reflect the lack of depth such feelings possess, and the negativity they impart.

recently i have regained sensitivity to the powerful and been moved by the subtle and the deeply spirtual. these encounters have been increasingly frequent, even to the point of tears which i so rarely let flow, and i must question the why.

is it because i have come closer to God? it is like love in that if you choose to love someone each day, if you put love into practice, that soon emotions will ensue as a waterfall to dry rocks? patience and perseverance, when serving God, never goes unrewarded. a choice of devotion, of putting an effort into talking to God and seeking His words, of listening in the silence of waiting and hoping- will soon burst forth in a wave of emotion, of truly being in love with Christ.

i believe such patience and perseverance through the apathy, the aggravating and the weariness of life's trials will be rewarded with a renewal of hope, a depth of feeling and a love for the truly sacred. this i have found for a moment and will cherish it.


Blogger glen said...

I hope and pray that you have many more "moments".

11:12 PM  

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