Friday, March 31, 2006

how to slice strawberries

today I learned how to properly slice a strawberry. I made neat little piles of wedged red slivers, and as my blade slid through the seeded skin, I realized that I hate the texture of strawberries. I hate how the lines of seeds LOOK. i stared at the neat rows of hideous seeds and cringed, then recalling the multitude of textures i hate.

from closely notched tree bark to the webbing of cracked desert sands i shutter to bring up images of certain textures that make my skin crawl. it has nothing to do with touch, but is merely a horrific torture to see. it's like when you drive past a car accident: you don't want to look b/c you know it would be gorey and horrific, but at the same time you cannot avert your eyes. the same can be said of a list of textures i hate.

someday i plan on taking pictures of all of them and then you can see it from my perspective


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