Thursday, December 01, 2005


i am alone. alot. this comes from working alone (well, with my boss but he either disappears for hours on end or, if he is actually here, sits in his office cranking out subpar design) and from living at a quite a distance from all my friends.

last night as i was driving to alpha, the dark rainy road seemed especially devoid of other cars, and even when there was scattered traffic, even at the arrival of the stream of white lights that is rush hour... i felt i was the only person in the world. the only alive, real, existing person. it was an oddly comfortin feling for amoment- not lonely or depressive. i have gotten so used to the company of myself and myself alone, all else seems obtrusive and taxing.

i have decided though, that as much as i value the company of a select few, being alone with one self is a beautiful. you can take that self with you anywhere, over time. if you arent bored with who you are, or limited in the creativity of your imagination or simple amusements conjured by necessity... than you are all set for wherever life takes you or whatever it deals you.

all i need is a bigger music collection and the open road is mine.


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