Tuesday, November 22, 2005

photographic memory

to you, this picture probably looks like a very pretty place. that is because you have the distinct privilege of not knowing where it is, and not having any physical or emotional associations with it what so ever.

aren't you lucky.

this is outside of where i work. do not be deceived: one is not to judge a work environment [souly] for it's view. it just fascinates me that 2 people can look at the same photo, and one can be completely unaffected while the other is sent reeling into waves of memory. [unfortunetely in this case, not the best ones ever]

i will say– in defense of this lovely scene– that this picture for me represents freedom i long for. i stare out the big paned window at that sunlit field fighting the urge to just run out the door and into the glowing grass. due to circumstances including that of a closed-minded neighbor, i have yet to accomlish such a zealous feat.

the best pictures are the ones that speak a thousand words only to the soul who knows them.


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