Wednesday, November 30, 2005

more providentials and some funny things

So, after a longer-than-anticiapted weekend it's back to the reality that is new hampshire. chicago is flat, dull and is plagued by sporadic weather patterns. there are far too many strip malls. i am glad i did not move there (aside from the sweet-as job factor). however, there were good things and they are pictured here:


my christmas tree! [my brother put a million lights on]

funny things:


1. due to the inconvenience of having my flight cancelled monday (AFTER i was dropped off at the airport), i got to stay an extra night at home, beat kathy cathey in boggle one more time, sit in the economy plus section of the airplane, and not have to be at work til 1 on tuesday.

2. i returned to nh to realize that it is now officially winter. snow patches on the ground, the salty film on cars, frosty breath and the dull brown and grey tones that neutralize the scenery. it is also the perfect season for jazz.

3. when i finally got home, i was greeted by 2 adorable children who were overly excited to see me. priceless. i then proceeded to go to my room and reacquaint myself with my baby (my new 'puter), only to find that in my absense a crayon had been left on my desk, and not just any crayon- a cerulean crayon. this is providential b/c cerualean is my absolute favorite crayon color in the whole world. what are the odds?


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