Wednesday, April 05, 2006

more thoughts on the rolling sea

it is in the interim periods that life evolves- that inspiration lays dormant until the climax of many things: the unexpected, the long-awaited and the eagerly hoped for. Once the sea breathes deeper: when relationships surge and others crash to the shore... it is the rising pulse that inspires, and the aftermath that gets it down in writing- the poem of the calm before the next wave of emotion that will leave you exhausted and breathless as you surface from the blow.

when is the interim? you can never see it until you look back and realize there was a pause. the pause is boredom and anxiety, the pause that is unrealized or appreciated until you are being spun upside down by a wave of drama or confusion that has knocked you from behind, off your feet. Your mouth is full of salt water and it's a moment before you realize what's going on, and it isn't until you can breathe again that you figure out what happened. it's in the half-spin that you realize your in trouble, and getting out ain't gonna be pretty.

getting out is never pretty, especially when you're taken by surprise. or are you? if you're swimming in the ocean, there's gonna be waves.


Blogger glen said...

maybe it's like the undercurrent? if you fight against the waves, they destroy you but, if you swim along side the undercurrent you will survive.

11:27 PM  

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