Sunday, April 02, 2006

deep inside

there's something to be said about descending to deeper levels of relationship. with a piece of music, a work of art or the soul of a person: each is to be treated with a delicate sense of understanding. there is of course the initial attraction- to the tune, the subject or the personality. if one is invited by desire beyond this point, than the next level must be breached with a sense of curiosity, a devotion to discovery and carefree open-mindedness. getting to know something is a process and a commitment.

there are some pieces of music that i was raptured with at first listen, then as you spend time with it and begin to really hear the notes and understand the composition, the love for the piece grows and is deepened.

the same is true with art. i have had countless experiences with a work of art where i was ready to write it off b/c i hadn't taken the devoted the effort to researching the artist, the techniques and the motives behind the piece. once i understood why certain brush strokes or colors were used, or what the artist intended, i had a whole new appreciation and relationship with that work of art.

a talented artist once answered the age old question in a most believable way: "art is defined by intention". i carry the same truth into the light of relationships. intention.

why are you spending time with someone, what are you really after and are you willing to make the effort to get to know that person, to devote understanding and open-mindedness to their person, to their soul. you cannot write someone off until you give them this chance. and you cannot allow yourself to be sized up without the same depth of intention.


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Actually, you're not wrong and that is a kind of pretty thought.

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