Monday, May 01, 2006

the unexplained science of another

chemical reactions across the board but all so different so mixed up in their own delirious concoction and where is the control group?

when you meet and fall in love with a complete stranger– man or woman– you have fallen for outer ghost of their own reality. you are drawn in by the outward answers of superficial questions, the leaks of light from the inner core that cannot possibly define a soul but can give a glimpse that leaves the assumption in favor of a grand portrait.

the control group is our own reality, our own core, and our interaction with those of others.

then there is the science of disection and taking it to the next level. the familiar and the meticulous undertaking of getting to that core. it's delectably frustrating and warrants the unexpected and the uninhibited response. it is all so real and yet so formulaic, so pursuant of something we are hoping to find rather that delighted and surprised at what is there. what cannot be changed or excused. what is beautifully present and eternally that which we must love for what it is.

there is no control group. only the continuous education of another. another being, another existence. for that which it is. not to be compared to any other.


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