Friday, May 19, 2006

effects of weather

it is strange how when one gets used the same pattern of weather for a week's time, one's attitude surpasses aggravation into apathy and then hopelessness. you give up. then the sun comes out for one single and surreal day, and you want to bask in it but you don't believe it is real. because the next morning, even before you open your eyes, through the open window you hear the all too familiar sound. so familiar it doesnt phase you. the only thought that crosses your mind is that you will need to change your shoe plan- no heels today.

then suddenly the voice of the thunder awakens a new motivation today will be different. but it isn't and you wonder how you will deal with tomorrow if there is sun. will it be real? it hurts your eyes, it's hot. if it would just rain again than you would know what to expect. traffic and flooding and puddles and mess. but if's the mess that you know now, and since weather has so accutely affected you for so many days in a row, it is impossible to imagine it not having such a precise effect on your attitude for many days to come.


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