Saturday, October 07, 2006


i hate saturdays. yes, you can sleep in and do nothing all day- if you aren't working or if that obligatory weight doesn't fall upon your shoulders. i have to get up and do laundry, clean my car, clean my room... all these things you can't get done during the week are forced into one day of pressured productivity. saturdays feel weird, wrong. not relaxing and free like a sunday (until about 6 pm when you realize that you have to get up and start you work week again in a matter of hours...). it has an aura- a negative one. that soon after the luxury of hitting snooze on your alarm 27 times setttles in that obligation to get your lazy ass out of bed and do something with your day off.

unfortunately, it is only worsened when the weather is sunny and warm. if it is raining, there is felt no urgency to spend your day outside. when it is raining you are forced into doing the things that a. you have to do and b. that you want to do (like read or watch that netflix movie that's been sitting there for almost a week now). fantastic and so socially contradictory...

the only days to look forward to anymore are holidays. rainy ones.


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