Friday, December 29, 2006

we must move on.

we hate what has happened. it repulses but renews. the chance to start again, though ill. to erase the past— no, to replace the awful memories with better ones. the thoughts that sicken weigh us down.

we must move on.

we love what has happened. we cling to it, we don't want to let it go as we fare into the unknown. the possibility of losing something beautiful. we are happy, and we don't want it to change.

we must move on.

is the future brighter? there is no empirical data to suggest that today is any better than yesterday. the future and the past— both so bittersweet. it's the movement forward that is meaning. moving toward love. the movement toward light, for we may always be battling the darkness, but the light must be ahead. for when it is not even visible there is no hope, no meaning. the light is love, love in the most rich and simple sense of the word. everything that the Word claims it to be, everything that the One who loves us the most embodies, exemplifies, urges.

but we can only try. and go on trying. for satisfaction, achievement, actualization — these are towers of egotistical temptation which can never be realized. they are as illusory as 'happiness'— which is only a dsitraction from the joy which lives "sudden in a shaft of sunlight": the brief moment, the brief pause between past and future.

"love is when here and now cease to matter". when we— ourselves, myself ceases to matter. when the overwhelming and inexhaustible sense of inadequacy, of shortcoming ceases to affect us, we are love.

and to get there, we must move on.


Blogger Matthew said...

yes, indeed from faith to faith seeking the realization of self-sacriifcial love from ourselves to another; this must be the image of Christ; to express the love of God through the act of self-sacrifice.

good stuff.

6:53 PM  

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