Sunday, January 07, 2007

an amelie after-effect

the first movie i watched in the new year was Amelie- an old, comforting favorite. but this time around i felt strangely inspired to take action against the sad world as amelie did. with no idea where to begin, i simply lamented the fact that i do not ride the subway regularly and would therefore have no hopes of a love affair on colored flyers and in photo booths.

then i received a knock on my door. a neighbor's complaint. perfect. let it be known we live in such close proximity to the surrounding houses that i could practically crawl into this particular neighbors bedroom window via my back porch. so in order to restore harmony and up the ante on window-porch hopping potential... i decided to bake as a peace offering. then i had the brilliant idea to extend the gesture to other neighbors. and after the making the rounds and being met with utter shock and unwarranted pleasantry, i walked away from the final delivery with a sense of satisfaction and a smile on my face not unlike that of the triumphant amelie.

i have decided that this calls for more good deeds. subway trains and love affairs or not.


Blogger Brad said...

I can see her smile, indeed.

Reminds me a bit of Pieces of April

4:25 PM  

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