Tuesday, April 07, 2009

grand theft auto: the sequel

who would have thought there'd be a sequel? isn't once enough? i had my suspicions, recognizing that i still live in lawrence, a city of safety, wealth and overly sympathetic cops who are definitely NOT corrupt, oh no...

but my greatest fear of a repeat offense were realized this morning when i proudly left the house on time for my dentist appointment. this time there was no shock, i just stood there going "NONONONONONONONONO". probably out loud. too bad my neighbors don't sit on their front porches drinking coffee in the morning. they would be provided with endless amounts of entertainment from my goings-on alone.

yes this time was different. instead of being dumbfounded and almost amused, i was genuinely pissed. AGAIN?! seriously?! though it's somehow believable, anticipated possibly but definitely not something that should be a reality.

and i can't help but feel that it's by no fault of my own. i didn't spring the cash for an alarm yet (because i have all this money burning a hole in my pocket but... now i'll just spend it on another deductible!) and it's not like they sell clubs at the grocery store (which is the only place i have time to shop at). maybe i am too forgiving of human nature, or was too hopeful that lawrence's finest had done their job and secured justice. well, i was wrong. fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice... shame on me?

yesterday was a bad day. by normal standards. workload is overwhelming, software non-compliant, the doctor's office proved a comedy of errors (deserving of it's own blog entirely) and then my computer went on the fritz and is now in a "coma". when relaying all of this to my roommate she said "wow, sarah, your life really sucks". to which i was taken aback- my life doesn't suck. i really can't complain esp after watching videos about the horrors of sex trafficking... but her point was that a lot of crap happens to me a lot of the time. which i acknowledged but shrugged off with a "whatever".

today, i conceded to her opinion. yeah, this sucks. today sucks. but you know what. it's not my life that sucks, it's just all the crap that happens to me that sucks. but i think it's good for me. i think i have a healthier perspective on life.

life is tough. bad things happen. ALL THE TIME. to most people. and you know what, the bad things that happen to me pale in comparison to cancer patients, slum-dwellers in third world countries, women who are abused all over the world... the list could go on...

and there's nothing i can do but keep on living and do my best to help those who have it worse off. i am blessed to have people who do care about me, who will lend me their car for the whole day... i really have nothing to complain about (i've also been through the whole range of emotions from swears to tears today so i've gotten it out of my system).

and if you are one of those people where things just magically work out for you, or if you feel like you lack excitement... or even if you feel like your life sucks, do something for someone who you know is worse off. lend a car-theft victim your car, donate to a place like Love146 or sponsor a child in the slums of Africa, be there for your friends who are in a bad relationship, LISTEN to those around you and let their problems trump your own. even if you have a crummy day, chances are, someone around you is having a crummier one. be mindful of that.

i am learning that over and over again. yeah my day sucks but how's yours? what do you need? hopefully, if we all do our part someone will take care of me so i can take care of whoever "you" are.