Wednesday, January 17, 2007

today's forecast: clear and cold

the cold is like a drug- breath sharpens, numbness becomes a living thing.
heat is weakness, cold is desensitizing.

i decided that our resistance to God is kind of like our resistance to getting out of bed in the morning. we lay idly tangled in the sheets of apathy and selfish desire, until in one unexplained moment, we throw off the covers and put our feet to the floor, ready to embrace the Day.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

an amelie after-effect

the first movie i watched in the new year was Amelie- an old, comforting favorite. but this time around i felt strangely inspired to take action against the sad world as amelie did. with no idea where to begin, i simply lamented the fact that i do not ride the subway regularly and would therefore have no hopes of a love affair on colored flyers and in photo booths.

then i received a knock on my door. a neighbor's complaint. perfect. let it be known we live in such close proximity to the surrounding houses that i could practically crawl into this particular neighbors bedroom window via my back porch. so in order to restore harmony and up the ante on window-porch hopping potential... i decided to bake as a peace offering. then i had the brilliant idea to extend the gesture to other neighbors. and after the making the rounds and being met with utter shock and unwarranted pleasantry, i walked away from the final delivery with a sense of satisfaction and a smile on my face not unlike that of the triumphant amelie.

i have decided that this calls for more good deeds. subway trains and love affairs or not.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

flip-flop phenomenon

i do not know what month it is. the weather is a sporadic chicanery- i can hear laughter in the warm wind that mocks the january expectation. i am wearing flip flops. i am walking through harvard square and there are chess players at tables surrounded by crowds of people wearing scarves of denial or t-shirts & shorts of embrace. it is like the last days of summer or the first of spring, but this is the supposed dead of winter. and what does that mean? i find myself smiling at the crowds of people gathered outdoors, the alive feeling that the dark of winter is somehow subjected to. i know the cold will shriek in heavy upon us. and i will enjoy the winter chill, the dark days and the reincarnation of hibernation. when it comes.